Tap Dance is a demanding technique, teaching students to become percussive musicians as they learn complicated rhythms using their feet. Following the ISTD Tap Dance syllabus, students develop the skill and understanding of tap dance at the same time as building a sound technique, by developing the physical ability to communicate through movement in an expressive and artistic way. A clearly defined structure allows learning to take place in the context of safe dance practice.

Pre-Primary and Primary Class
Children from Reception/school age can join our Pre-Primary tap class. This class is a short half-hour class which allows students to learn basic tap technique, co-ordination and rhythm through a fun series of exercises. When a student shows the necessary skills, they will be able to join our Primary Class where the basic exercises are developed into set sequences with a short dance sequence. When students can perform the syllabus with the necessary skills and musicality, they will be offered the chance to take a class examination, where their teacher will conduct a class alongside an ISTD examiner who will watch and grade the students before they move up to the graded examinations.

Graded Syllabus
The graded examinations 1-6 build up progressively, ensuring that steps and skills learned at lower levels prepare for more complex movements as the student progresses. Each tap dance graded examination allows candidates to progress to the next higher grade in the tap dance genre. Also, a range of transfers to other dance genres becomes possible as the student develops physically and learns common skills such as running, use of arms, posture, timing and rhythmic
awareness. In this way, with additional teaching input, the candidate is able to develop a broad base of dancing
skills.  The graded syllabus aims to build a secure tap technique, develop an awareness of tone, promote the understanding of dance terminology, gain a good sense of line through body, arms and head, understanding of rhythm and its development and an appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation. The graded syllabus is suitable for those students dancing as a leisure activity or as preparation for a professional career as a dance teacher or performer.

Tap Awards
There are three awards - Bronze, Silver and Gold - designed to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of tap dance, through both understanding and performance. At TLW this class is suitable for those in grade 4 tap and is most suited to those students who have a high level of technique and presentation. This class is taken as a additional top-up class to their grade class to complement and develop a student’s knowledge of tap dance and improve their syllabus work.

Vocation Grades
Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 follow on from the graded examinations for those students who wish to take their dancing more seriously or wish to pursue a career in teaching tap dance. The vocational graded examinations are concerned specifically with the mastery of technique and understanding, to prepare candidates for further vocational training and to match current expectations in the employment sector. Candidates will need to show additional commitment and professionalism in the preparation for these examinations, with the ability to manage a greater workload than that required for the general graded examinations. This would typically result in a successful candidate spending significant additional time each week in lessons, in practising and in studying independently.

UCAS Points
Graded and vocational graded examinations in ISTD Tap Dance are allocated points on the UCAS tariff for those who have achieved a pass or higher in Grade 6, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2. These examination results can be used towards a student's points tariff when applying to a relevant course at a university or higher education in the UK. 

Please see our NEW uniform information HERE.

Examination Uniform
Girls - TLW leotard, TLW Leggings, black ankle socks (not trainer socks) and black tap shoes (with toe and heel taps).
Boys - Fitted black t-shirt, TLW Leggings or plain black fitted trousers with coloured braces, black ankle socks (not trainer socks) , black socks and black tap shoes (with toe and heel taps)

Tap Awards & Vocational Examination

Girls - Bright Coloured Leotard, Black Leggings, black ankle socks (not trainer socks) and black tap shoes (with toe and heel taps).
Boys -  Fitted black t-shirt, plain black fitted trousers with coloured braces, black ankle socks (not trainer socks) , black socks and black tap shoes (with toe and heel taps). 

Prices / Timetable
Free Trial Class available. Please visit our TIMETABLE page for details of current classes and tuition fees.