At TLW Dance many students have had fantastic achievements over the years. Students who show talent are positively encouraged to audition for outside courses at some of the top dance schools in the country with some students attending renowned courses worldwide. Students are encouraged to attend Summer Schools and Workshops both inside and outside of TLW Dance so that they can gain experience and benefit from other teachers and their expertise.

Read about some of the TLW Dance students – past and present – who have had wonderful success in the dance world.
Gabrielle Bach
Gabrielle sucessfully auditioned for the Ballet Boost Junior Associates programme in 2018. Gabrielle will start her training in
September 2018.
Felicity Fitton
Felicity sucessfully auditioned for Royal Ballet Junior Associates in 2018. Felicity will start her training in September 2018.
Harry Phillips
Harry sucessfully auditioned for the Tap Attack Associates programme in March 2018 and started his monthly training in Swindon as part of the Mini Associates shortly after in May 2018. Harry has already danced with Tap Attack at their Soiree in May and shall be performing as a part of their 10 year Gala performance in October in 2018.
Lara Mellum
Lara auditioned and was acepted into the Ballet Boost Intermediate Associates programme.  Lara will start her training with them in September 2018.
Anna Ovenden
Anna applied and was successful in achieving a place at the world renowned Royal Ballet Summer School 2017. She is looking forward to  spending a week at White Lodge in July 2017. Anna has since succesfully auditioned for the Royal Ballet Junior associate course in 2017 and then re-auditioned and was accespted for their Mid Associate programme in 2018.
Daisy Osborne
Daisy auditioned for Tap Attack Associates
programme and was succesful in gaining a place in the Mini Associates programme. Daisy started her training in Swindon in May 2018 and has already had the opportunity to perform with Tap Attack at their Soiree in May and shall be dancing at their 10 year Gala Performance in October 2018 alongside her monthly training.

Annabelle Austin
Annabelle auditioned and was accepted on to the Royal Ballet Junior Associate course in 2016. In 2017 Annabelle re-auditioned for the mid-associate programme and was accepted to start on this programme in September 2017. 
Joshua Liddington
Josh auditioned and was successful in gaining a place on the prestigious Royal Ballet Junior Associate course in 2015. Josh currently attends weekly classes every Saturday with the Royal Ballet School. In 2018 Josh sucessfully auditioned for a place on their full time course and begins his training in September 2018
Nicole Ingram
Nicole is a keen and talented hip-hop dancer. She recently won a competition held at the Light House in Poole for a self choreographed routine. Most recently Nicole has been accepted onto the Centre for Advanced Training Scheme (CATS) for Urban Dance in Swindon. Nicole will start weekly training every Sunday in Swindon from September 2017.
Megan Bale
Megan successfully auditioned for the Centre for Advanced Training Scheme (CATS) for Contemporary Dance. She has been attending the renowned scheme in Exeter at weekends since September 2016. 
Rebecca Fitton
Rebecca successfully auditioned for the Centre for Advanced Training Scheme (CATS) for Contemporary Dance in Eastleigh in 2016. 
Isabelle Evans
Isabelle successfully auditioned for Tring Park for the performing arts in 2013, however she continued to train at TLW Dance. Since then Isabelle has been a scholar at the RAD Summer School three times, she has also been accepted onto the Centre for Advanced Training Scheme (CATS) for Contemporary Dance in Exeter, The Joffery Ballet Summer Intensive, as well as being accepted onto and attending the acclaimed Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive Programme in New York 2016 and 2017. Most recently Isabelle was accepted to join the English National Ballet Youth Dance Company, and will begin training on Fridays in London in September 2017.
Mackenzie Jacob
Mackenzie auditioned and attended the prestigious Royal Ballet Summer School at White Lodge. Since then he has successfully auditioned for the acclaimed Elmhurst Ballet School, gaining a full scholarship against many other applicants. He will begin his training in September 2017.
Raphael M East
Raphael has been part of the Royal Ballet
School Associates, attending weekly classes in London between 2013-16
and has since gained a place on the Contemporary Dance scheme at Swindon
Dance Centre for Advanced Training Centre (CATS). In 2015 he was selected for the National Youth Ballet and selected for the Royal Ballet Summer School
during 2015-16.
Esme Alner
Esme successfully auditioned at London Studio Centre to study on the contemporary pathway of their BA (Hons) degree course and will begin her training in September 2017.
Tina Jupp
Tina is an established singer and actress and in 2013 she successfully
auditioned for the National Youth Musical Theatre course in London. In 2017 Tina completed an intensive gap year course course at Emil Dale Academy and successfully auditioned for Guildford School of Acting (GSA) where she commences her studies in September 2017.